24 Ocak 2008 Perşembe

Widening Narrow Space

Surviving, prolonging presence is the basic instict of all creatures. Human who is the most systematic applier of this instinct belonging to creatures, narrows or destroys those creatures’ space. Since the total space boundaries are definite and constant, human who widens its abstract and concrete area excessively is owes this widening to narrowing other people’s abstract and concrete space within a structure called society. . Although these elements which are related and concerned within each other, they are constant facts. While structure which consists of total narrowing being narrowed, continuing to narrow space, widens entirely, the apaces which are already narrow, whether keeps their narrowness or becomes narrower. Although the point where the sturcuture composed of those elements is illusory or misleading, it is a widening narrow space.

  A narrow room whose phsical living area is narrow or enormous, narrow cities which are composed of tens of millions people that are widening vertically besides horizontal widening, highwys composed of wide but almost stacked and slowly moving vehicles, new communication methods which eliminates distance by means of limited reality, bocoming body of consuming and consumed object, living of individuals according to their nature, living necessary desires and passions according to presented template boundaries becoming clothes as symbol of statute and power whose original existence reason is to protect people against nature are outstanding indicators of narrowing concrete and abstract areas muster parade.

  Grafittis and stencils which are presenting in buildings within city where black clouds are seen which fall over city, do not provide rain and monumentalizes seperateness residents who are in a form of individuals who are seemed to be physically complete but having semi souls, are rearing as answers which are results of children who are considered as simulative human life and quarantee of persistence of life after they grew up.

  Since from our ancestors who are living in caves and earn their living by hunting, our understanding which does not change except form can be seen in funnies frames. Porn icons whose identities are identified before, wrapped by garish packages like lolipops, are revolting their situation and rejecting to be consumed. In the case for the form that property history change position with the history of body which begins with existence of love and sexuality, standing with shameless sexuality, but goddess idols do not hide by turning their back; who present their sexuality with shameless austerity instead of quite waiting in a location in a bed which is their beds, on the contrary they are challenging our sexuality and body history.

  The history of wars which are seen over wall by bullet traces can also be proofed with a girl which stays inthe middle featuring licely melodies of life.

  Dark worlds which were created by children who are tried to be prepared to be adapted to present life, who are conditioned, directed until they grow up and become adults; embodies in their expressions.

  Clothes which become symbols of statute, identity and power blur eiacxh other and raze all given clues down.

  Human who think that they have beaten nature by establishing cities where they have to struggle against difficulties which are provided by nature, now has to protect themseves and nature from machinery crerated by human which helps standing of artificial enemy created by human.

  The areas where big city residents become closer to each other willingly or unwillingly, where they share the present air most, vehicles which had become mobile stucked designess are witnessing this comedy.

  Control opportunities and pressure created by cameras and monitors which are first, second, third tenth ear and eye in the challenge of human’s surrounding by permanent observation are in service for human.

  Although modern life smashes human’s abstarct and concrete area; constructive structure which constrains, disturbs, instead od accomating to location and which is asymmetrical, surrounding and narrowing keeps its its ant persistence by surounding.

  People who are condemned to death in gallows, guillotine and in death chairs and who are saying goodbye to life are giving their answers and last sentences to their being surrounded situaition by their bodies in last moment of supervision...

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